CAD CAM Design

Our technical department for your personalized advices.

TORNERIA MECCANICA VENETA has a team of technicians specialized in the use of sophisticated drawing programs and CAD CAM design software for the management of the various numerically controlled machine tools in turning, milling and boring. 

The experience and professionalism of the internal technical office allow us to offer the customer timely  design support in the field of precision mechanical machining and personalized advice on the multiple application sectors, responding in a short time to any specific need.

Testing and Quality Control Room

Instrumental checks on processes and manufactured products.

Torneria Meccanica Veneta has always stood out for the high quality and precision of the products made, guaranteed both by the certified skills and consolidated in over 50 years of experience in the sector and by a latest generation numerical control machine park and a special testing room.

In order to offer the customer highly precise products and parts that comply with the requests, the company carries out accurate checks on the machined pieces using special measuring instruments calibrated by certified external laboratories, verifying the quality and ensuring compliance with the tolerances defined in the design phase.

At the request of the customer, Torneria Meccanica Veneta offers the service of non-destructive testing such as ultrasonic test, magnetic test, radiography and penetrating liquids, using certified external partners.

Thermal and Surface Treatments on Request

Reliable partners for a complete and quality offer

In addition to the cnc mechanical machining of turning, milling and metal boring performed by the company, Torneria Meccanica Veneta  makes use of expert and reliable external  collaborators to offer the customer a wide range of possible heat and surface treatments of the processed product, thus obtaining products and details on measure of individual needs and required finishes

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