Precision CNC Turning

Always a leader in CNC turning

With an experience of almost  50 years in the field of medium-heavy CNC turning on behalf of third parties and a strong orientation towards innovation, TORNERIA MECCANICA VENETA is specialized in the production of a large variety of turned products based on the customer’s design and with a diameter from 100mm to 2000mm.

The company performs CNC turning operations on various metals such as iron, steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum and many others, in variable qualities ranging from the production of the single piece to small and medium-sized batches depending on the individual needs.

Medium-Heavy CNC Turning for Third Parties

CNC turning is an industrial process obtained by removing the chip through the rotary movement of the piece fixed to a spindle and the action of cutting tool that penetrates the raw piece material by detaching the excess parts (over metal) and giving it the desired shape.

It is possible to divide metal turning into two distinct phases: in the first, called roughing, the coarse removal of the above metal takes place thanks to the use of tools capable of withstanding strong the second phase of turning, called finishing, the piece is worked with precision and modeled to measure, thus obtaining a finished product with the desired shape, dimensions and roughness.

Latest Generation CNC Lathes and Mechanics

The precision and quality of the products made in our workshop is given both by the many years of experience of TORNERIA MECCANICA VENETA in the precision metal turning sector.

and by the modern machine tools available to the company, consisting of parallel lathes and numerically controlled vertical lathes, all of latest generation and programmed with Mastercam CAD CAM software.

CNC Turning Operations

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