CNC Milling for Third Parties

Specialized in metal milling

TORNERIA MECCANICA VENETA  carries out mechanical cnc milling for third parties of the highest level, offering quality final products and delivery times that are decidedly  quick compared to competitors.

Starting from a sample or drawing provided by the customer, the company guarantees precise mechanical parts that comply with specific requests and areas of use, performing cnc milling operations on different metals and in variable quantities, ranging from the single piece to the production of small and medium batches.

CNC Milling for Complex Grooves and Shapes

Through the removal of chips, cnc milling allows to model flat surfaces, grooves or profiles with complex shapes, through the action of specific tools (cutters) with defined geometry and multi-cutting edges able to work on multiple faces of the metal component.

Metal milling is a cold mechanical processing that occurs by combining two movements, such as the rotation of the tool around its axis and the translation of the piece when the product is in interference with the cutter due to the translation of the bench on which it is anchored, the cutting edges of the cutter, rotating, removing the excess metal from the machined piece, creating high precision mechanical parts.

Machining Centers and CAD CAM Software for CNC Milling

The quality and precision of the finishes made by TORNERIA MECCANICA VENETA in the field of cnc milling are guaranteed both by the advanced technology of the 3 vertical cnc machining centers and the CAD CAM  programming software used in the company, and by the certified knowledge and skills of our highly qualified staff.

All this allows us to offer cnc  milling operations of all kinds by analyzing  with care and attention the complexity of mechanical parts required to establish the ideal type of milling to obtain the best degree of finish.

Components and CNC Milling Processes

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