The Highest Precision for All Sectors

Tailor-made components for major works and plants all over the world.

Flexibility, skills, versatility: these are the elements that over time have allowed Torneria Meccanica Veneta to collaborate with important national and international customers for the production of customers for the production of customized and high quality mechanical components, intended for large works and plants in different sectors in worldwide.

Valves for gas pipelines, steel flanges  for pipelines, slewing  rings, rings for concrete mixers, railway wheels, molds for concrete pipes, joints, fittings and pistons are some of the products that we manufacture every day  with unparalleled care and precision, thanks to the help of modern cnc machine tools and the certified skills gained in almost 50 years of experience in mechanical processing for third parties.

Naval Sector

Railway Sector

Gas Pipelines and Aqueducts

Oil & Gas Sector

Molds for concrete pipes

Rings for concrete mixes

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