Mechanical CNC Boring

Experts in precision boring for third parties

In addition to turning and milling, Torneria Meccanica Veneta boasts a long experience in numerically controlled mechanical boring operations on various types of metals, such as iron, steel, stainless steel, special steels, cast iron, aluminium and many others.

Reaming is a light finishing operation that allows you to correct the axiality and diameter of holes previously made on a surface by using a high precision multi-cutting tool with very low tolerance

High Precision CNC Boring Holes

Mechanical boring allows to achieve excellent surface finishes with even very low dimensional tolerances :the rotary motion of the tool and its feed speed allow the hole to be gradually widened until the desired diameter value is reached.

To obtain precise and state-of-the-art final results.

Reaming requires profound skills and attention in the use of work tools. This is why it is essential to rely on professionals in the sector such as Torneria Meccanica Veneta,  which for almost 50 years has been carrying out precision mechanical machining on behalf of third parties

CNC Boring Artifacts

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